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Kiton - 06400 Cannes

A tailored tuxedo, suit, jacket or resort attire is one of life's great indulgences. Few things match the sensation of a garment that perfectly fits your character and individuality. Kiton Cannes combines the most exquisite Italian fabrics with perfect craftsmanship. Mr. Laurent Garin-Michaud director and master tailor and Mr. Sean Meshkin will provide you with a bespoke, premium-quality item that emphasises your unique personality and physique. They combine customised colours based on expert analysis, linings, buttons, designs and pockets with the luxury art of fitting. Sean Meshkin, an MBA graduate of the University of North Florida, has turned his passion into his work. «Making clothes the way they do in Italy is a lost art, and we turn it into the art of style», says Sean.

Sean or Laurent can take three shirts, three ties, three pairs of trousers and a coat and create nine different looks. And to help men recreate the look, they get a personal portfolio with pictures of each ensemble «All the combinations are shown in pictures so a man can go to his closet and pick out the right pieces in no time. It means he can’t make a mistake.»

All too often the shopping experience for men is dull, uninspired and uninformed. To help men have a great experience and create looks that truly work for them, Sean uses twelve colours – six warm and six cold – to create the profile. By draping colours over his clients’ shoulders, Sean or Laurant is able to pick the top three and three secondary colours. The other six colours are minimised in the accessories. «We can build an entire wardrobe around these colours.» «For example, even with a white shirt one can choose from white, cream or eggshell. The right tone can make all the difference in complimenting skin tone, eye and hair colour» Sean Meshkin says. «I ensure that men feel comfortable in what they wear and tweak it to make it pop. It isn’t loud and it looks well-coordinated. It’s a matter of knowing how to present yourself.»

Style is also a matter of knowing whether a two or three-button or double-breasted suit best fits a client’s physique. Sean says pocket flaps worn in or out, side vents or a split in the back of the coat can make all the difference when creating the best silhouette. «At Kiton, a man will get clothes that not only fit, but are appropriate to any situation and truly flatter our client. It is rewarding to show men how great they can look.»

Sean Meshkin and Laurent Garin-Michaud’s had their team will offer you their commitment, elegance and the very best service – whether you need delivery at midnight, in the early morning, to your office, your home or the other side of the world.

Kiton Cannes

24 - rue Macé

06400 - Cannes

Tel : 04 93 68 99 36

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